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Congratulations to our newest Blue belt 🔵🔵🔵⚫️🔵 Jack Tubbs-Galley. Well done. Performance Jiu Jitsu Draig.

4 July

Only 2 from Performance Jiu Jitsu today and both taking Gold. Eddie and Rob today at the Bournemouth open. Well done to everyone involved.

8 June

Congratulations to Sean on his Brown belt promotion. And a special congratulations to Performance Jiu Jitsu's first black belt Eder. Well done to you both on your amazing achievement and all the hard work you both have put into your training.

5 June

Sean Ennis competed at the pro Grappling Weston-super-Mare competition and won Sliver in his weight division. In doing so, he also finished a submission off inside a minute.

8 May

Results from the team's last competition at the pro Grappling, Reading:
Rees Miller NO-GI Gold
Charlie Haywood NO-GI Sliver
Rob Gilkes GI Sliver
Sean Ennis GI 5th
And the juniors did awesome, getting:
George Tullett Gold
Joshua Williams Sliver
Ryan Bennett Bronze
Well done to everyone!

1 May

Results from the Wiltshire open competition from the team. Junior: just one complete today Josh Williams wins gold 🥇 and still not had any points scored on him. Adults: Jack Tubbs-Galley gold 🥇🥇 in the GI and NO-GI wins all by sub except 1 match. George Belcher wins gold 🥇 all by sub and also wins the fastest sub 5 seconds. Nathan Mackenzie wins gold 🥇NO-GI and sliver🥈 in the GI. Rob wins gold 🥇 in the GI all by sub. Jake Pearson wins gold 🥇 in the NO-GI and Sliver 🥈in the GI. Felipe Martins wins Sliver🥈 in the adults division GI and is only 17 years. Caspar Townen wins Sliver🥈 in the NO-GI. And Martyn Clements just missed out on the medal in his first competition. A. awesome performance and day for everyone. Gold 7, Sliver 4.

16 March

We had a team compete at the Oxford open and what a fantastic day it was. We also placed 3rd in the overall team trophy, Jack Galley Gold🥇in the white -70kg, Mark Foy Gold🥇in the white -82kg, Joe Bennett Sliver, blue in the Master 5 -70kg, Caspar Townend🥈in the white NO-GI -70kg, Simren Sondh Bronze🥉in the blue -69kg. Juniors: Joshua Williams Gold🥇in the white -38kg, Ryan Bennett Gold🥇in the white -30kg

4 March

Congratulations to Ashley Reynolds on his purple belt. What an honour to award this belt Ashley, well done mate.

26 February

Congratulations to Jake Pearson for winning gold in the GI and Bronze in the

NO-GI, Andrew Cartledge for winning gold in the GI and Caspar Townen for winning gold in the GI and bronze in the NO-GI.

3 February

Congratulations to Simon Squires, head coach at Performance Jiu Jitsu who has been named Draig Coach of the Year 2023, a deserved recognition for his dedication to delivering high quality training and encouraging members to achieve their goals.

16 December 2023

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